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From here the Pilgrimage took its final journey from Rajasthan to Gujarat, across the desert plains, to the spiritual home of the Kripalvanandaji Lineage. The first stop was the ashram and temple complex at Kayavarohan, where the staff know some of our family very well. Hari (insert universal sign language for ‘very tall’) and Giridhar (universal sign language for ‘broad shouldered’) were the topic of conversation for hours. We made it in time for evening aarti and a simple meal before bed.

Kayavarohan Temple.

Bapuji was indeed smiling, as his sense of humor was clearly involved for the short trip to Malav Ashram and the Mahasamdhi Temple. Exiting the bus, Shambhu recognized a few of his colleagues from the Amrit Yoga Institute, now in residence in the ashram dormitories. Malav is the perfect spot to culminate a journey through India.

Pilgrims at Malav Ashram.
Kripalu Mahasamadhi Temple.

Consider joining us in 2019 when we travel to India again.

Jai Bhagwan,


  1. Hello!

    I am a student of the Kripalu/Lakulish lineage in the United States. I have been studying this path for 12 years (with Yoganand Michael Carroll and other senior teachers from the Kripalu ashram), and 10 years within another lineage prior to that. I am planning a pilgrimage to Malav and Kayavarohan for February of 2023.

    I am interested in making contact with friends of the lineage in Gujarat — for assistance with lodging and transportation once I arrive. There will likely be only two of us. Perhaps just me.

    Are you able to provide any assistance with this? I appreciate any help/tips you are willing to provide! THANKS!


    Jessica Lohrey

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