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This is first in a series of articles describing how KYI Capital Campaign contributions are being used to restore Muktidham.

It’s true that Muktidham has suffered years of deferred maintenance, but now in 2023, it’s getting some Tender Loving Care.  Some of our Capital Campaign donors have authorized their contributions to be used for immediate repairs.  Also, the insurance company agreed to pay for damage sustained by Hurricane Ida.

Rich Fain, a former Sumneytown Ashram resident, has agreed to oversee the building repairs as his seva. He may not be doing the work, but he is making sure that the work is done correctly.

Upper floor with drywall removed (water penetration)

We know that in order to fix a problem, the problem’s root cause must be found.  In this case it entails ripping out most of the drywall of two rooms (lower floor darshan room and upper floor meditation room) which are on the East side of Muktidham.  Drywall removal on the second floor indicated a roof leak.

It takes courage (and a couple of ladders) to reach the roof over the meditation room.  Once there, it was clear that a branch had hit with great force and punched a hole in the roof.

By the way, a diseased tree adjacent to the building was taken down in 2021.

Roof with fallen branches
Hole in roof

The exterior siding on the first floor showed evidence of decay.

Siding outside darshan room

Removal of the drywall inside showed that this area needs extensive repairs.

Inside wall of darshan room

Once the “holes” were repaired in the roof and siding, and the areas dried, mold remediation took place.  The floor and other affected areas were encapsulated by special paint.

Next up, window and sliding door replacements (and that wall repair).  Great things are happening to Muktidham!

Upstairs following encapsulation
Downstairs following encapsulation, but without siding repairs