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Jai Bhagwan,

Our intention is to:

  • Provide a place to connect lineage holders,
  • Provide information on Swami Kripalvananda (affectionately known as Bapuji, Swami Kripalu) and his teachings,
  • Preserve documents and teachings,
  • Announce information on upcoming events,
  • Communicate ways to support KYI’s mission through Seva /Service and donations,
  • Provide a forum for storytelling and sharing.

The News Section of the website will be developed as a blog type feature with contributions by the Board and also lineage holders. We are interested in hearing and preserving your stories and will be finding creative ways to make that happen.

We will be collecting and preserving historical documents and photos (Shambhu will be leading this effort). If you have documents in your possession that you would like us to preserve for you, please let us know. A scanning project is underway to make documents available and to preserve and share the history.

The Board of Directors is dedicated to preserving Muktidham and the teachings of Swami Kripalu. We open our hearts to you and we open the doors to Muktidham and welcome you to visit.

Thank you to Bob Rodini for deep dedication, computer expertise, big heart, and countless hours spent creating this website and to Linda Saboe for years of service in creating and maintaining the original website and for helping with the transfer.

Love and light,

Anandamai Charlyn

President KYI Board of Directors


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