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We welcome the use of Muktidham to honor Swami Kripalu and the Kripalu lineage. Use of Muktidham is limited to retreats for this purpose only. We encourage Kripalu Yoga Teachers to bring students to Muktidham and for KYI stewards to return to this sacred place.

Use requirements for all visits to Muktidham:

  • No overnight guests.
  • No food preparation (refrigerator and oven are not operational).
  • Only water with lids permitted – KYI will provide bottled water.
  • Snacks allowed on deck area only.
  • No candles or incense.
  • Do not take anything from Muktidham and do not leave anything.
  • Muktidham will be cleaned prior to the retreat.  Please leave it clean.
  • Stay within the immediate area of the building as the adjoining woods are not KYI property.
  • Be respectful of neighbors.
  • Visits to Muktidham should be during daylight hours only.
  • Retreats are not permitted in winter months as the building is closed.
  • Do not divulge the lockbox code.

Yoga workshop instructors must provide proof of yoga instruction insurance.

Parking outside the building is reserved for individuals with mobility issues. All others should park along Woodridge Drive in front of the wooded area.

There are items for purchase with all proceeds going directly to KYI for maintenance of the building.  Venmo and PayPal are accepted.

A stipend of $108 (waived for KYI stewards) is requested.  Please use our donation page here.  Please complete this Muktidham use request form 30 days prior to your retreat.