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Seva is service to guru.  In the case of Muktidham it is service to Swami Kripalvananda’s shrine.  If you have the time and skills consider performing one or more of the tasks below.

If you can do any of the tasks below please use the Contact Form so we can coordinate.

Mount ceiling light in Darshan Room

The juncture box is in the ceiling.  The electricity should be powered off.  This can be done using the main electric panel in the basement.

New Muktidham sign

This sign looks shabby.

Are you a woodworker with a woodworking shop?  A new sign with sunken lettering would look great.

New risers for front steps

The risers on these first two steps are either gone or deteriorated.  They need to be replaced, preferrable with pressure treated wood.

Weed whacking

The “lawn” outside the building is a mess.  If KYI had $5,000 we could spend it on landscaping. We don’t have $5,000 for landscaping.

Instead, just whacking the weeds would help.

Power wash/paint the birdbath

The birdbath used to be a pretty aqua color.  If you power wash it, you can pick the color.

Note that this birdbath appears in almost all of the historic pictures of the building.

Repair broken kitchen sink drawer

The drawer beneath the kitchen sink needs to be repaired.